The Protestant ethic and the spirit of Capitalism: L’Éthique Protestante et l’éspirit du Capitalisme

Paperback cover of the book.

Author: Ton Phi, Dang Thi Nguyet Anh (translator).

Publisher: Amazon.

Year: 2021


Until now, after the book “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” (L’éthique protestante et l’ésprit du Capitalisme) was released for a month on Amazon, every day people ordered it. my books. The book caused a huge craze around the globe.

The book makes four main points:

First: Countries like Korea, Israel, and Japan suddenly became superpowers because they chose the Bible as their constitutional foundation. They developed the country according to capitalism, that is, according to the Protestant civilization. The miracle of the Far East pearl of the Saigon Government was built on the foundation of Capitalism – Confucianism, that is, a hybrid between the two civilizations of East and West.

Second: The current Vietnamese economy is actually just a Buddhist economy, hindering the development of the country.

Third: Vietnam will move to a knowledge-based economy around 2025, along with the penetration of Protestant civilized corporations like Amazon into Vietnam around 2022. At that time, learners will be basic and rich. Creativity will be a millionaire, a billionaire. Practitioners will be eliminated.

Fourth: At this time, the Vietnamese people will lay the foundation of humanity for the whole society. That foundation is none other than the Humanity, Righteousness, Ceremony, Tri-Trust of our ancestors, that is, Confucianism, formerly known as the Wisdom of Thai Binh, the original philosophy that enlightened the agricultural civilization. Eastern. The new educational foundation must also be based on the national classics, which is eternal, not running after the current resolution of today and tomorrow.

Countless friends have ordered my book “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism”. They send money back all the time for me to spend. Not knowing what to do, I invested in Charlie’s computer store and called my friends to work, paying the market price. I only need to sell about 4 books a day and I have 1.5 million. Not to mention, there are people who order in bulk for their family members and clans. Van Khoa school buys my books a lot. I started the computer company Charlie and assigned a lot of people to do the specialized work, and I just led the overall philosophy, and doing the deep research and writing the books was still richer.

My book was a huge success. “Because the author is so good!”. What should I do, people buy my books. Yesterday afternoon, my childhood friend’s sister in the countryside ordered a book and sent the following message: “I study Business Administration, brother. I’ve known you since 7th grade through the story of Ms. Thuan, who teaches literature. Yes, I’ve read it, but honestly I’m not good enough to understand it all. I don’t know why you publish any article and it shows up on my message board, it must be fate, I also know that you are approved to sell books on Amazon too, it’s amazing. Buds, Phi is about to be rich, wish him all the best. Yes, this pandemic season I am doing research on the economy and government policies for the epidemic season, when finished, I will send you advice. That’s right, in each article, I understand the economics you mention that you often have a great understanding of. “Stop quoting my sister.

Many proffesor in universities in France tell us that the book is very good:

The proffesors in France and my book.

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We’ll send ebook for you via Email or paperback to your house.

Thank you very much,

Ton Phi.


  1. Dear Mr. Ton Phi,

    This is great, thank you so much! I received both pdf and ms word. I will start reading soon as possible.

    Warm regards
    Colby Kapondo Jnr.


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