Green agriculture project Mimosa

We are from the Green Agricultural Project MIMOSA of Charlie Group. We are investing and calling for investment in a number of green farms in Vietnam, which have been successful on a small scale.

Our MIMOSA follows the Israeli kibbutzim green farm model, with the help of encyclopedic knowledge.

We provide a part of the capital and technology, also the engineers graduating from the formal schools for farmers.
In fact, we have sent our helps many times for farmers in Nghe An and Ha Tinh to develop livestock and farming.
Charlie’s projects are seriously understaffed. For example, when posting a job for a book writing project on Amazon, there were only 2 female friends who signed up to participate, included an Economics scholar and another graduating in English literature. Both have not much concern with literature. But together we made our first books. With the long-term projects, may succeed, may not succeed, but we will have a steady income. Besides, in the time with the demand for book is very big, it will definitely succeed. Anyone who sees the pictures of Charlie’s readers will know this scene. The rice (book) is ripe, but the harvester (book writer) is lacking.

So now we are calling for you to contribute your knowledge, strength, wealth, premises. Who has a shop may lends it to display agricultural products.
The members of the project are paid base on the percentage of interest, clearly and scientifically.
If that’s you, please contact us at: or Ton Phi: 0344331741,
Mr. Ton Phi is the author of the book Prospects of Green Agriculture for Vietnam, available on Amazon:

For any questions about the project, please contact Mr. Nguyen Huu Quy:
Support the Green Agriculture MIMOSA fund at:

Thanks and best regards.

Written by Ton Phi, translated by Huong Giang Nguyen.

Support the Green Agriculture MIMOSA fund

For a wealthy foods for anyone.

10,00 US$


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