The plan to open a New Live publishing house of Charlie Saigon group.

Photo: The book of the author group Ton Phi was successfully published.

Ladies and gentlemen,
In 2022, our Charlie Saigon Group plans to open a publishing house.
Currently we have 5 core members:
1/ Mr. Ton Phi, the biggest author on Amazon today.
2/ Mr. Colby Junior JR, Business Administration, Republic of South Africa.
3/ Mr. Richard Asante, Republic of Ghana.
4/ Ms. Nguyen Huong Giang, interpreter.
5/ Ms. Tran Nhat Vy, painter (Full-time editor)
We plan to open a publishing house in one of three locations: Vietnam, the French Republic, or South Africa. In general, we work very equally, there is no concept of who is the master and who is the servant.
Applications should be sent to: (meet the front desk)
Expected interest rate is 166.67% on total capital. Books are too expensive, many Vietnamese readers cannot afford to buy them. So we came up with a solution: We plan to give each reader a credit card linked to a Master Card bank. Each customer only needs to pay a card of 10,000 VND per year to be able to ship about 20 books home to read each year. Loyal customers are trained to be publishers. Every month, if your account has money, the bank automatically collects 10 000 VND and returns it to Charlie publisher. Only 10,000 VND a month, you can read an unlimited number of books, just afraid of not having enough strength to read.
Eligibility requirements: Over 18 years old, can read, write, and have civil act capacity.
Under the age of 17 must be sponsored by a parent.
If you are stupid, you will be trained. Starting salary: Hard salary 1 usd/month and soft salary. Fixed salary will increase gradually over time. For example, the first month 1 usd. Second month 2 usd, third month 4 usd, fourth month 8 usd. After one year, it is estimated that the fixed salary is not less than 200 usd/month.
Work 4 days a week. Closed Friday afternoon, morning and Saturday, morning and Sunday.
If you are a person who is passionate about creating and publishing books, contact us tomorrow.
Saigon, November 6, 2021.
Philosopher Le Minh Ton
Contact the author:
Photo: The first work of the author group Ton Phi. Readers provided by Thai Kim.
Link to buy books on Amazon:

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