Download ebook PDF “What people around the world say about the Russian-Ukrainian war” of author Tôn Phi.

Author: Ton Phi.

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Some photos of author at his university:


  1. From; Mrs.Nina Andriy

    I am Nina Andriy the daughter of Mr.Danilo Andriy, from (Ukraine
    sunflower oil & wheat, maize farmer ) my father was murdered by the
    Russian Army troop because of the war between Russian& Ukraine it was
    so very terrible. .
    He was a sunflower oil & wheat and maize farmer who have invested much
    in agriculture political opponents.
    I acknowledge very well that my father deposited the sum of US$(5
    AFRICA( UBA ) here in Burkina Faso West -Africa with the intention
    of using it for the purchase of new farm machinery and chemical for
    Agricultural purpose as well as purchasing hectares of land in Burkina
    Faso for his investment. I am now on political asylum. (Refugee)
    Burkina Faso, I want you to understand that this is purely family fund
    not money laundering affair.
    I solicit for your honest assistance as I want this fund to be
    transferred to your account in oversea with your partnership, I will
    want to invest this fund in your country.
    I can invest the fund as a family investment together with you in
    your country be assured that deposited document of this fund with
    the bank, are with me . Feel free to ask any question regarding this
    Hoping to hear from you soonest,
    I need your urgent and confidential response towards this transaction.

    Yours faithfully
    Mrs.Nina Andriy


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