Introducing the author Vuong Dang and the book Folk Tales of Vietnam

Author Vuong Dang studied at university and master’s degree at Saigon University of Literature.

Author Vuong Dang teaches conversational English in Washington DC 1990.
At university, he studied Literature. At graduate level, he studied Vietnamese Civilization. Vuong Dang is the only person with a master’s degree in Vietnamese Civilization so far.

On Living New Publishing House, author Vuong Dang contributed a very important book: Folk Tales of Vietnam.

Cover photo of Folk Tales of Vietnam by Vuong Dang. New Live Publishing House (New Live Publishing House)
In my opinion, Ton Phi, the book Folk Tales of Vietnam is the best work about Vietnamese fairy tales today. A work that will go with the years.

Young people in Vietnam are welcoming this book enthusiastically. We are very honored to be chosen by Mr. Vuong Dang to entrust the work of a lifetime.

After the second edition, this book can be used as a textbook for training bachelor of literature and master of literature in Vietnam. Author Vuong Dang places high expectations on literature students, so he wrote this book.

Book Folk Tales of Vietnam.

Number of pages: 197 pages.

English language.

Price of printed books: 450 000 VND. Price of PDF books: 250 000 VND.

Support author Vuong Dang at writer Ton Phi:


Account number: 142720499-ACB-Account holder: Ton Phi.

In particular, the very beautiful print has been posted to Amazon by the editors of Living New Publishing House, inviting British, French, and American friends to buy and support us:

Buy the book on our store:

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Buy the book Folk Tales of Viet Nam by Vuong Dang

Publisher: New Live publishing house

20,86 US$


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