My details information.

Ton Phi and his girl friend. For illustration purpose.

I am Ton Phi. I am a Vietnamese writter.

I often send money to charity organisation such as Canada Helps.

My website:

My email:

Here my details information.

(1) Your Full name: Ton Phi
(2) Your Home address: Lang Lau village, Vuong Loc village, Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province, Viet Nam.
(3) Your Phone number: +84344331741
(4) Your Age: 29 (born in 1993)
(5) Your Occupation: Writter. I am founder and director of Charlie book and computer group. We have New Live publishing house.
(6) Your Country: Viet Nam
(7) Your City:  Sai Gon
(8) M/F: Male


  1. Dear friend,

    Thank you very much for forwarding me a copy of your filled information. You have to filled the needed information. Please go ahead now to filled the Application Form to the Bank here as seen below with this bank email address:

    My name is Mr Madi Zongo, an accountant by profession, i am presently working at the office of Bill and Exchange Department of Bank Of Africa (BOA) here. I am married with four children. My residence address is Str 7, N°. 22 Avenue Kanazoe, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Concerning what i need from you in this transaction, please based on mutual trust and understanding, i want you to assist me to receive the fund and also invest my own share in your country.

    I have also forward you the Bank Application Form which you have to fill and send to the foreign remittance department of the bank here to make for the claim.

    Thanks immensely and best regards.


  2. Dear Brother,
    Greetings !
    Thank you for your response . Listen I studied the transaction well before contacting you and before the final fund transfer into your account there will be legal documents so that you will not be questioned by your any authorities in the world.

    The bank law states that it is only a foreigner who can stand for it as business associate or cousin and no Burkinabe is legal for the fund transfer according to the bank law . So, I am presenting you as the business associate to the bank with adequate information I have in my file and what matters is that our fund must be transferred within 7 to 10 bank working days.

    I am assuring you in the name of God whom both of us served once more that the fund will be transferred within 7 to 10 bank working days, so I stand on my words once again maintain an absolute secret till the fund is transferred into your account and do not disclose to any third party because not even your best friend will be happy that such amount of money is coming into your account.

    Now fill the text application form with any bank account information and send it back to me, once the fund is transferred all our problems shall be over and I will be coming to your country to leave for the rest of my life with my family.

    All what I need from you is to follow my advice and nothing will happen to you and finally, I am here to provide you any information the bank will need from you o.k and be checking your email steady ok.



  3. Dear Beloved

    Thanks for your kind respond,however, I choose to reach you through
    Hide text this source as it still remains the fastest medium of
    Communication.Once again, I am Mrs. Nicole Apollonia and i have been
    suffering from ovarian cancer disease and the doctor says that i have
    short time to live.I am from (Paris) France but based in Burkina Faso
    in Africa for over eight years ago as a business woman dealing on gold
    exportation., regarding my previous mail to you, note that this is my
    dream do not play with it i have finally decided to hand it over to
    you for you to fulfill it. Try and get this money from (ECO BANK PLC)
    and use to help the Poor,needy, orphans, victims of war and less
    privileged ones in the society in your country for my soul to rest
    after i have gone., i hope you are a GOD fearing some one, and do not
    inform or tell any one about it, let GOD be praise not man you will
    succeed if you keep it within your self as a secret before the fund
    enters into your account take my words and let GOD be with you.

    Attached to this email is a scan copy of the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT
    which i use in depositing the fund with the bank in the year 2003, i
    want you send it to the bank so that the bank may not have doubt
    transferring the money to you as I have instructed them that any body
    who provide the certificate to them will be the rightful beneficiary
    to the fund.

    I pray to GOD to give you the straight to proceed, please do not be
    discourage no matter what I will always be with you in spirit before
    you accomplish my dreams, note that you are my hope of making the
    chance to be with GOD.

    Finally, send the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT to the bank and let them know
    the following procedure, regarding all I have instructed you to do
    with my money with them; I may not live to read your email again
    because my condition is getting worst.

    Note that one of the bank director is my very good friend and I have
    told him to help you in any area you need his assistant, his name is
    (Mr Clement Adams) here is his contact phone number and email contact
    address (, (+226 55 16 88 88)contact him he
    will assist you he will Be happy to hear from you because I just talk
    to him now regarding your matter.

    Below is the bank contact information, contact the bank by putting
    claim as the beneficiary to my fund/money with them.

    BANK Email I.D: (

    BANK PHONE NUMBER:+226 75869171

    Mrs. Nicole Apollona,


  4. Dear

    My name is Mrs. Therese Nina, from Norway. I know this message will
    come as a surprise to you. First, I am married to Mr. Patrick Nina, a
    gold merchant who owns a small gold mine in Austria; He died of
    cardiovascular disease in mid-March 2011. During his life he deposited
    8.5 million euros (eight million five hundred thousand euros) in a
    bank in Vienna, Austria. The money on deposit was from the sale of
    shares, the death compensation payment, and my deceased husband’s dues
    by his company.

    I am sending you this message I pray that it reaches you in good
    health, I am not in good health as I sleep every night without knowing
    if I am alive to see the next day. I have long-term cancer and am
    currently partially suffering from a stroke, which has made it almost
    impossible for me to move around. I was married to my late husband for
    over 4 years before he passed away and unfortunately we don’t have a
    child, my doctor assured me that I had less chance of living. After
    learning about my health condition, I decided to contact you to claim
    the fund as I don’t have any relationship. I grew up in an orphanage.

    I have decided to donate what I have in order to support the help of
    motherless/less privileged/widowed children because I am dying and I
    was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years ago. I was moved by God
    Almighty to donate what I inherited from my late husband to you for
    the best work of God Almighty. I asked Almighty God to forgive me and
    believe that he did, because he is a merciful God I will have surgery

    This is why I need your services to stand as my next of kin or as an
    outlet to claim funds for charitable purposes. If this money remains
    unclaimed after my death the bank or government executives will take
    the money as an unclaimed fund and may use it for selfish and
    worthless projects, I need a very honest person who can claim this
    money and use it for charity, for orphanages and widows as well as to
    build Schools with less distinction to be named after my late husband
    and my name; I need your urgent answer to see if you will be able to
    do this project, I will give you more information on how to transfer
    money to your bank account.

    Mrs. Therese Nina


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