Giới thiệu sách “Vấn đề người Hoa ở Việt Nam” của tác giả Tôn Phi.

Tôi viết tác phẩm này với tinh thần “tứ hải giai huynh đệ”, mong ước một mối tình đoàn kết, bảo vệ lẫn nhau và giúp đỡ nhau cùng phát triển.

Các bạn hãy cùng tôi viết cuốn sách này.

Giá sách: PDF: 120 000 VNĐ. (Bạn nào mua sách PDF thì tự tải xuống ở trên, hình Download).

Sách in: 250 000 VNĐ. (ghi địa chỉ, số nhà và số phone người nhận, rồi gửi đến hộp thư:

Số tài khoản nhận tiền đặt sách: 142720499-Ngân hàng ACB-Chủ tài khoản: Tôn Phi. Các bạn có thể ủng hộ tôi ở trên.

Trân trọng cám ơn các bạn.

Mời xem clip các bạn trẻ của nhà xuất bản Sống Mới đang biên tập sách:


  1. Hello dear Ton,

    I want to say a big thank you for making out time to write to me again, the contents of your letter is well understood, honestly I did all necessary measures that will lead to the safe delivery of parcel to you without any kind of problem or risk, With hope I have explained this issue to your own satisfaction. Therefore, I only need your honest co-operation and assistance to actualize the dream. I shall be aliasing with you on what to do and how we will make this business a success.

    I really appreciate you and would like to work with you on this project and share the love of my heart with you. I believe that it will work for us. I am going to give you 30% of the total money in the cash box once you help me receive the money on my behalf. All I want is honesty and safe delivery of the box and invest it in a good business.

    Because everything concerning this deal is going to be handled perfectly well and there is not going to be any form of risk attached to this deal.I am a woman who does things according to the guidelines of my spirit, you were chosen to be my partner and also to help me to receive the money .

    I believe in our good lord, and I prayed so many times before contacting you, and I believe my good lord will never lead me to the wrong person. That is the reason why I have full confidence and trust in you. I promise you that you will never enter into any issue.

    Please i will like you to forward your contact information including your telephone number to enable me know you well and also forward it to the delivery company to reach you easily, please i want to remind you once again that every arrangement towards this project is intact between both of us and remember that the box was registered on my name as Ace Family Treasures Send this below information as soon as possible.

    1.FULL NAME ………………..,
    2.CITY: ………………….. ,
    3.COUNTRY: ……………………,
    4.OCCUPATION ………………..,
    5.TELEPHONE NUMBER: ……………………,

    Once I receive the above information, I will forward it to the delivery company and they will arrange your meeting with them within 72 hours and I shall give you a password and code to the box for proper identification and confirmation of the money.

    Thank you for your cooperation, I hope to hear from you soon.
    With love from
    Sgt. Fiona Hill


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