Let’s work with mr. Ton Phi.

Photo archives: Mr. Ton Phi and his teacher at university. 2015.

When you work for mr.Charlie, you’ll get a high salary as your skills.

It’s a pleasure writing to you once again. How are you doing? Just getting in touch, do have a wonderful day.

We are Top selling PDF files in Vietnam.

If you have wonderful work, please publish it on Charlie market.

Thank you very much,

Ton Phi.

Contact me at: tonphi2021@gmail.com

My assitant: tonthanck@gmail.com

Call, for emergency purpose: +84344331741 (see mr.Ton Phi).


  1. My dear beloved one.

    .God bless you and how are you doing today?
    Thanks for your willingness to receive the money 2.7.Million.US.Dollars and accomplish my heart’s desire.

    I need a good honest person who will use these funds for charity works and for the propagation of God’s work because I have no child to inherit it, 15% will be for your compensation for doing this work. Please if you would be willing to carry out this project, kindly get back to me with the details below for more instructions and I will forward it to the bank and introduce your person to them as my partner. They will transfer the money 2.7..Million.US.Dollars into his bank account.

    Full Names,
    Home Address,
    Telephone Number & Mobile Number,
    Private email Address,

    Thanks and have a blessed day.
    Mrs.Stella Nelson


  2. It’s a pleasure writing to you once again. How are you doing? Just getting in touch, do have a wonderful day.


  3. My dearest,

    I am with tears and sorrow in my eyes, I know this message will come
    to you as a surprised but permit me of my desire to go into business
    relationship with you. My name is Miss Wendy George, 21 years old Girl
    from South Sudan, My father and I escaped from our country to Burkina
    faso. At the heat of the civil war after losing my mother and two of
    my senior brothers in the war.

    I am here in seeking for avenue to transfer my inheritance fund of
    $15.5Million United State Dollar to your position,
    This fund was deposited in Turkey in Europe but I am in Africa at the
    moment. Where me and my father escape to because of the heat of the
    war in my country I will be waiting to hear from you for more
    explanation about this transfer thanks

    Miss Wendy George


  4. My Dear Beloved One
    Thank you very much for your kind reply and understanding,

    I write to inform you that i have forwarded your information to the bank and introduced you to the bank as my appointed beneficiary, Please contact the bank by yourself with the below information as stated under and inquire from them on how you will receive the money 2.7.Million.US.Dollars over there in your country through bank to bank transfer.

    The name of the bank is Bsic Bank Togo
    Contact person, Dr. James Green.
    Email, bsicbktg@accountant.com
    Amount deposited is 2.7.Millions.US.Dollars.

    Please just contact the bank now and introduce yourself personally to them and send them your full bank account details where they will transfer the money to you, You know the bank is using this money for business.

    So they may be delaying contacting you. Just contact them now and get back to me.

    Thanks and have a blessed day.


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