Cửa hàng Charlie cài phần mềm diệt virus Avast cho khách hàng.

Chúng tôi cài đặt phần mềm diệt virus bản quyền, windows bản quyền cho khách hàng.

Chúng tôi đến nhà để cài cho khách ở SàiGòn, hoặc ra quán cà phê.

Các bạn bình thường chỉ nên cài Avast Premium Security. Các bạn là dân IT cao cấp thì nên cài Bitdefender.

Giá: 300 000 VNĐ/ máy.

Liên lạc: tonphi2021@gmail.com


Trân trọng cám ơn các bạn.

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  1. Protect your loved ones from rising malware attacks

    Avast Software View in browser

    Keep your family and friends safe from rising threats

    📈 Protect your loved ones from rising malware attacks

    So far this year, we’ve blocked 2.6 billion malware attacks, which is 22% more than at the end of last year. This includes 77% more URL attacks and a 53% increase in adware threats. Now’s the time to keep your loved ones safe online from rising threats, near or far.

    What does this mean for you and your loved ones?

    An increase in attacks means being vigilant about your online safety is more important than ever — and as a world leader in cybersecurity, it’s our job to make sure you are.

    Upgrading your basic protection means that you’ll be getting fake website detection, remote access protection, and more. Plus, we’re offering 70% off your first 2 years of Avast Premium Security. That way, you can have access to our best protection possible on all your devices and share it with your loved ones, too.

    3 ways you can stay safer online now

    Make sure you’re protected from any threat that comes your way with these premium features. Here are 3 ways to get started:

    Always check hyperlinks by hovering your mouse over them

    A little preview of the URL will show up on the bottom-left of the browser. If it’s a different domain than it claims — don’t click. Avast Premium Security will immediately block fake websites so you can bank and shop safely online.

    Watch out for connection attempts to your device

    Suspicious activity like this can easily go unnoticed. Avast Premium Security alerts you right away when it has blocked a connection attempt and stops hackers from forcibly taking remote control of your PC.

    Back up your files regularly

    Always keep a back-up copy of your files on an external hard drive. With Avast Premium Security, you can protect your most important documents (e.g., tax documents, payroll, etc.) from spyware.


    Avast Premium Security

    Get 70% off advanced security for 2 years and share it with your loved ones during these uncertain times.


    $57.99 / first 2 years


    ✔ 30-day money-back guarantee

    ✔ 2 years subscription for up to 10 devices


    Need any help? Just visit our Support Center.


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